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It’s the day! Wesurence Ltd, a Hong Kong-based InsurTech StartUp, just presented their app solution for insurance purchase and claim application. Finally, Hong Kongers can buy coverage and claim insurance in a more innovative way. Together with the insurance company Allied World Assurance Company Ltd. and IT-provider TransUnion, Wesurance creates an unique customer experience by transferring insurance to your mobile phone. Paperless, hassle-free and innovative by using an artificial intelligence (AI) based personal assistant and eKYC technology.
Wesurance CEO Eddie Chang, Lawrence Chong from TransUnion and Jota Shohtoku from Allied World Assurance gave their insight on the future of InsurTech during the opening remarks. Can you also spot our colleague who dressed as flight attendant at the launching event?
By using our app, consumers will have greater control over their purchase of travel insurance policies and making claims. Travel insurance can be purchased within a minute by answering a few questions. Wherever you are and whenever you want. Our app is the first mobile solution in integrating the ‘AI’ technology which will be able to provide help and support to consumers from filing their claims to answering their queries. This will all be done by our digital travel assistance ‘ms. AMY’.
Not only that, this platform has also implemented eKYC and the user identity verification functions to minimize the hassle for consumers in having to input their personal details.
Wesurance is available for download on both, the Google Play store and the iOS App store. As for any future plans? Our plan is not to limit our app within Hong Kong but for it to be borderless, without limits, launching outside of our Home country, so that more people around the world can share this hassle-free and customer friendly experience.
21st 六月 2018
2018 is upon us and if you are tracking the up-and-coming young companies in Hong Kong, FinTech News(fintechnews.hk) has compiled a list to predict which 8 startups will take the Hong Kong tech industry by storm to be the future Unicorns this year. Including not only InsurTech, there are companies from the payment, loan, investment and financial sectors, this year is sure to be a blooming one for the Hong Kong tech world. Stay in tune with us as we are going to explore the game-changing InsurTech future together.
8 future Fintech Unicorn Startups in Hong Kong to Watch in 2018
21st 六月 2018

As a side event for the 11th Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2018 at HKCEC in Wan Chai, Cyberport invited visitors from all over the world to join Cyberport FinTech Tour. The tour gave them the opportunity to learn more about the startup community at the FinTech Hub Smart Space along the coast of Hong Kong Island.

Smart Space, home to more than 200 FinTech start-ups, is a creative hub for the digital business community committed to booster technology and innovative solutions for the financial sector. Working together with the strong support of Cyberport, startups are looking for further collaboration, strategic partnerships and business opportunities. With more than 47,000 square feet, Smart Space FinTech in Cyberport is Hong Kong’s largest center for the FinTech community and supports both, institutional and business partners.
As a technology-oriented co-working space, Smart Space offers flexible solutions for startups from Hong Kong or elsewhere. It is the ideal hub for companies who want to enter the local and/or mainland China market. Besides innovative office space, Cyberport hosts networking events, seminars or pitching sessions to connect enterprises and share knowledge. Thus, being home to talented entrepreneurs, Smart Space connects tenants from various range of businesses. This mix of activities, backgrounds and talents create a dynamic and creative environment for innovation and new technologies to reshape the financial services sector.
Smart Space FinTech invited some of its tenants to join a live demonstration of their products and solutions. The TNG e-wallet payment solution was among the startups. InsurTech startup Wesurance Ltd, also based in Smart Space, participated in the Cyberport FinTech Tour 2018 and the Asia Financial Forum (AFF) 2018 with a booth. Guests could experience the Mobile Phone App Wesurance with its innovative personal assistant ms.AMY. They also had the opportunity to download the platform from the app store and ask questions about the Travel Insurance products that are currently available via mobile devices.
21st 六月 2018
The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2018 was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in mid-January. The Forum connects international high-profile experts, investors and businessmen within the financial services sector.
Different events, conferences, seminars and networking events took place under this years theme “Steering Growth and Pioneering Innovation: Asia and Beyond.” A series of them focused on current topics such as financial technology and InsurTech, but also covered conventional topics like private equity, investment, fundraising, securities and monetary developments.
More than 3.000 participants followed HKTDCs invite to join the conference. With representatives from more than 50 countries, this truly international conference discussed current developments in the financial sector affecting Asian markets. InsurTech startup Wesurance Ltd joined the conference with a booth and as a speaker in a pitching session. The company presented its smart and paperless insurance solution and gave an update on current trends and future possibilities in InsurTech.
Darryl Kwok and Flora Chan introduced Wesurance Ltd’s business concept and insurance products to the huge and multinational audience at the 11th Asian Financial Forum in HKCEC, Wan Chai. Wesurance Ltd provides a personal insurance assistant ms.AMY to handle claims and answer FAQs to clients. In cooperation with IBMs technology, the AI-based app solution offers travel insurance underwritten by Allied World Assurance Ltd. Travelers can choose between an annual plan or a single trip plan and a simple or supreme coverage.
Other speakers of this years AFF included Mr David Lipton, General Vice President International Monetary Fund, the Hon James Lau, Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury HKSAR or Mr Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance of Luxembourg. For sure, Asia can leverage innovation to further drive growth in the region and worldwide. New technologies (AI, FinTech, InsurTech, robotics, etc) have enormous future potential for Asia and the world. Wesurance Ltd is proud to be part of the Hong Kong FinTech and InsurTech community and will further work on improving customer experience with its insurance solutions.
21st 六月 2018

The new alliance formed by Cyberport, IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd and the Smart City Consortium was launched recently. The strong network will assist to further develop the Hong Kong financial technology (FinTech) sector and help to accelerate growth by connecting technology, academic and commercial stakeholders.

Besides the number of new companies is increasing, Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem can still need more cooperation to create innovation and help transforming traditional industries to the modern era. FinTech Startups can often be more creative and innovative than established industry players and help to set new standards. Referring to the potential of this alliance, Dr Lee George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport, said that:“This platform will benefit our FinTech community of over 250 start­ups and companies, as well as raise market awareness of the importance of FinTech in transforming Hong Kong’s economy.”
Network member IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd offers direct access to its technologies for Startups. Under the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) young companies around the world receive infrastructure and access to IBM’s cloud-based solutions. InsurTech company Wesurance Ltd. is one of these startups that directly benefits from IBM’s innovative services.
Together with representatives of Cyberport, IBM and Smart City Consortium, the Cyberport based FinTech startups Wesurance Ltd and Deep Invest Technology Ltd were part of the launching ceremony at Smart Space on January 24, 2018. Wesurance Ltd offers a mobile app solution for insurance products and is currently providing Travel Insurance coverages underwritten by Allied World Assurance Company Ltd. In a panel discussion, Natalie Fong, COO of Wesurance Ltd, stated the importance of this kind of collaborations to exchange technology and booster further innovation.
In the demo part of the event, representatives and guests had the opportunity to chat with SoftBank’s robot Pepper and to ask her frequently asked questions about travel insurance, different plans and coverages, legal regulations, online purchasing and applying for a claim. Wesurance Ltd’s AI-based personal insurance assistant ms.AMY was implemented to Pepper in cooperation with IBM and can answer these questions. The audience truly enjoyed having a conversation with ms.AMY and this new experience of insurance consultancy.
21st 六月 2018
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