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Auto Travel Insurance – Pay As You Go travel insurance. How does it work? Wesurance’s SENSE is a technology that senses your whereabouts with a multitude of sensors, making it precise and hassle-free, your travel insurance will be activated when you appeared at the departure area of the Airport. The system won’t be activated on those who drop off their friends.
Just similar to the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System which automatically charges motorists each time they pass through roads or tunnels.
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Hong Kong-based insurance technology (insurtech) firm Wesurance has launched a new version of its mobile insurance app, developed jointly with Allied World Assurance Company and TransUnion.
The update comes seven months after the three companies linked up to release the first version of the app, which allows users to purchase insurance and lodge claims. The new version offers new features, such as allowing users to extend their coverage period in a matter of seconds, contact the emergency hotline via the IP network, authorise people under 18 to purchase insurance policies, and initiate and terminate travel insurance policies.

“The latest Wesurance app is designed to provide greater flexibilities for consumers when selecting their travel insurance on-the-go,” said Wesurance CEO Eddie Chang. “The penetration rate of the insurance market in Hong Kong is around 30%, which is relatively low when compared with nearby markets such as China and Japan which are at over 60%. This is mainly because many consumers find that the process of purchasing and claiming is complicated and the premiums are high. Our platform addresses these issues by enabling consumers to purchase, change the covered period, seek support, and make claims within a few minutes, which is perfect for our young digital generation.”

Wesurance has also launched eight new insurance policies, including a personal accident insurance plan for water sports and hiking; a “relaxed plan” that targets leisure travellers with affordable pricing; a “sweet plan” which allows two people to share the cost of the premium; an “executive plan” tailor-made for business travellers; and a “self-driving plan” that offers double compensation for accidents related to self-driving vehicles.

“We will continue to observe the market needs and work closely with Allied World Assurance Company to launch other general insurance products,” Chang added. “We are also exploring the use of advanced technologies such as blockchain to provide more innovative and customised services to our users. Our aim is to establish Wesurance as the preferred insurance brand for the next generation and launch the platform in other markets, helping to drive the development of insurtech around the region.”

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分享🤝及邀請你的好友們註冊成為Wesurance會員, 當好友們購買旅遊產品(3️⃣天或以上),其他保險產品,或加入WeOo Premium時,你將獲得HK$50現金獎賞💰!邀請越多,獎賞越高💰💰💰




1) Wesurance App主頁🏡


2) 主頁左上方選單列表

按下主頁左上方選單列表, 然後選擇“推薦好友獎賞”

3) 購買 Wesurance 產品🛍

當你首次購買Wesurance的產品時, 我們將會引渡你到“邀請好友”的頁面


立刻下載⬇️ Wesurance 應用程式或利用facebook messenger聯絡☎️Wesurance:

下載 Wesurance 應用程式: https://goo.gl/RxMGFJ

WeOo Premium: https://wesurance.com.hk/products/weoo/

Brochure: https://goo.gl/seZpKu


28th 一月 2019

Do you want a smart bracelet🤤!? It is the time now🤩!

Once you buy annual WeOo Premium Plan, a Free smart bracelet is given to you❤️!

Offer is limited. Don’t miss the chance!

Smart Bracelet with 6 main functions:

  1. Display incoming calls and call rejection
  2. Display messages such as facebook, whatsapp, wechat, skype, etc
  3. 24/7 heart rate and tracking
  4. Calorie burn rate
  5. Step count
  6. Activity tracking


Let’s download⬇️ Wesurance app or contact☎️ us by facebook messenger.

Download Wesurance app: https://goo.gl/RxMGFJ

WeOo Premium: https://wesurance.com.hk/products/weoo/

Brochure: https://goo.gl/seZpKu

Facebook messenger: https://m.me/wesurance

28th 一月 2019

Photo Contest – Wesurance WeOo Premium

Share your joyful life with your friends! 👦🏻🧑🏻

🎁Win cash prize up to HK$1,000 & WeOo Premium Annual plan 🎉

💰Cash prize

Top 1 HK$1,000

Top 2 HK$500

Top 3 HK$300

Top 4 HK$300

Top 5 HK$300

🤩All the top 10 winners can get a WeOo Premium annual membership!

You will get to enjoy the core benefits:

*Personal Accident Insurance with protection amount up to HK$180,000 &

*More activities from WeOo Club.

1)😉Who can join?
if you are working as foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong, you can join!

Start date: 28 January 2019 End date: 31 March 2019

2)📸Photo requirement
People photo (you must be the photo owner)

Step 1: add Wesurance as friend on facebook

Step 2: send one photo to Wesuance facebook messenger

Step 3: we will post all photos that meet our requirements on Wesurance facebook

Step 4: ask your friends to “like” your photo as much as you can!

The top 10 most liked photos will win!

We will announce the result on or before 5 April 2019 and contact the winner by facebook messenger.

Disclaimer:All people attend this photo contest must have ownership of the photos and agree that Wesurance WeOo can use the photos for commercial purpose. Only the winners themselves are entitled to the free WeOo Premium annual plan. We will deposit the cash prize into your FPS/TNG account.

28th 一月 2019

WeOo Premium

Specially tailored for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.


You will enjoy🤗:

1️⃣Personal Accident Insurance with protection amount up to HK$180,000 (approximately Peso 1.2 million)🛡

2️⃣Your family is the beneficiary. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

3️⃣Benefits from WeOo Club, a membership-based loyalty programme. WeOo club provides dynamic lifestyle activities to all members.

Let’s download Wesurance app or contact us by facebook messenger.

Download Wesurance app: https://goo.gl/RxMGFJ

Website: https://wesurance.com.hk/products/weoo/

Brochure: https://goo.gl/seZpKu

28th 一月 2019
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