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WeOo Premium

Personal Accident Insurance and WeOo Club

A financial support for your love and kids, ensure they have the same standard of living and education even if you weren’t around

Protection Amount
Specially tailored for domestic helpers
Up to HK$180,000
(Approximately equal to Peso 1.2 million)
Key Coverage
1. Accidental Death
2. Accidental Permanent Disablement
3. Accidental Permanent Total Disablement
Maximum limit per person
Within Hong Kong Territory
Maximum limit per person
Outside Hong Kong Territory
Flexible plan

You only need to pay HK$59 monthly or HK$540 annually and get protection at once.
Annual plan
Average HK$1.5/day
Monthly plan
Average HK$1.9/day
Insurance Company
Allied World Insurance
The insurance is underwritten by Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (“Allied World”), a global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions since 2001. Allied World is a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. All of Allied World's rated insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries are rated A.
A (Excellent)
by A.M. Best Company
by Standard & Poor's
WeOo Club
What's WeOo Club?
WeOo Club, the membership-based loyalty programme of Wesurance Digital Limited, is committed to forging long-term relationship with our members. We connect and interact with our members through dynamic lifestyle activities encompassing art and culture, environmental care and community services.
*Buy Annual WeOo Premium plan, entitles a Smart Bracelet for free! Product specification, please refer to the materials provided by the manufacturer.
loyalty programme
Download Wesurance
How to download Wesurance App?
Wesurance App is already launched on App Store and Google Play.
Please click the right-hand side button to download the latest Wesurance WeOo Premium!
Referral Program
Sharing is Caring!
HK$30 Cash Reward to your FPS or TNG Wallet after your friend has successfully purchased WeOo premium.
You (Referer) - HK$30 Referral Bonus
x1 → HK$30
x10 → HK$300
x50 → HK$1,500
x100 → HK$3,000
Frequently Asked Questions
How to buy WeOo Premium?

It is simple😙 Please follow the steps:
1. Click https://goo.gl/RxMGFJ to download Wesurance app.
2. Register with your mobile phone number
3. Choose “WeOo Premium”
4. Fill in personal information
5. Pay with TNG or Credit card
6. A policy will be sent by email, SMS. In-app review of your policy is available.

The coverage of your insurance?

This is a non-refundable Personal Accident Insurance, with protection amount up to HK$180,000. Cover for Death, Permanent Disablement and Permanent Total Disablement resulting from injury due to accident.

Is this insurance only applicable here in Hong Kong?

It’s a 24-hour Worldwide Coverage:

Within HK Territory - HK$180,000
Outside HK Territory - HK$90,000

Is it legit?

Yes, we are a registered corporate agency with a license number 17975469. The insurance is underwritten by Allied World Insurance, an American Insurance company. Over 18 years of history!

website: https://alliedworldinsurance.com/hong-kong/

What are the requirements?

As long as you are a domestic helper working in Hong Kong and age 18-65, you are eligible to buy and renew the insurance.

If I have already gone back home to Philippines, can I renew or buy the insurance?

Purchase and renewal of the WeOo Premium have to be done while you are working in Hong Kong as a Domestic Helper.

How much to pay?

We have 2 plans:
1. Annual plan, HK$540 per year, comes with a smart bracelet as gift

Smart Bracelet

2. Monthly plan, HK$59 per month
**Same coverages for Annual plan and Monthly plan

Is it real? just HK$59 per month and HK$540 per year?

Yes, WeOo Premium is the first and ever personal accident insurance for Domestic Helpers working in Hong Kong.

How long do I need to pay for it?

It depends on your choice:

As long as you are a Domestic Workers working in Hong Kong, you can renew the insurance until you reach 65-years-old.

How much for the renewal?

Now! Same as the premium!

HK$59 per month
HK$540 per year.

**A better price if you renew more than one month!

What if I have bought this insurance and then I decided to go for good already.

This is a non-refundable Personal Accident Insurance!
Just like any other annual plans such as Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, after the payment has been made to the insurance company, the policy is active!

If I got fired and no longer be the Domestic Helpers, what happens to my insurance?

As long as you are Domestic Helper by the time you bought the WeOo Premium, your Insurance is valid!

Wherever you are, you are covered!

What if nothing happens to me? is this refundable?

This is a non refundable Personal Accident Insurance.
HK$1.5 daily for a protection up to HK$180,000.

What if I have an accident in Philippines, how can I claim the insurance?

No worries! Your family or you can contact us by phone at 852-36899067 or by email claim@wesurance.com.hk
We will handle the claim with the assistance of the insurance company Allied World Insurance.

How can I get the protection amount?

In the event of an accident giving rise to or likely to give rise to a claim under this Policy, the insured or his/her beneficiary should inform the insurance company ASAP.
The insurance company will follow the claims procedures to contact the insured or his/her beneficiary as accordingly for the compensation.

What if the contribution is 1 or 2 times and have accident or something else is it full of the insurance claim the family?

We provide a flexibility to you as we understand your needs. Whether you have bought 1 month or a few months and even 1 year, within the policy period, in the event of accident, the scale of compensation shall not be applied in accordance to the numbers of months or years you bought.

What if I don't have capacity to pay the insurance?

7-day before the expiry date, we will send you a push note to remind you to renew your policy. You may choose monthly plan, quarterly plan, half-yearly plan or yearly plan.

Paid and got protection, very flexible.

What is personal accident insurance and why do I need it?

Personal accident insurance provides a lump sum payment if you sustain bodily injury and that injury results in death or permanent disablement. It is a worldwide coverage and it could be a financial protection for your loved ones if you weren't around or became permanently disabled.

My employer has bought a helper insurance, why do I need to join WeOo Premium which includes the personal accident insurance?

Your loved ones will be beneficiary. We can provide a protection amount up to HK$180,000 (approximately equal to Peso 1.2 million; or approximately equal to 5 years living expenses) directly paid to your loved ones, irrespective of others insurance you have.

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