20 January 2021

Winter Festivals You Should Not Miss

Winter is just around the corner and so are these amazing winter celebrations around the globe. If you’re planning to take a trip during the holidays, don’t forget to include these winter festivals in your itinerary.

Sapporo Snow Festival – Japan

One of Japan’s largest and most famous winter event, Sapporo Snow Festival showcases hundreds of intricately made snow statues and ice sculptures. These impeccable works of art are displayed in 3 areas, Odori Park, Community Dome Tsudome and Susukino. Millions of visitors from Japan and all over the world come to join the winter celebration every year held for over 7 days during the month of February. While you’re there, you can also try some of their other attractions like the snow slides and the ice sculpture contest.

Additional Tip: Travellers can come visit the festival in the evening to see the spectacle illuminated at night, giving it a more festive feel. 


Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival – China

If Japan has Sapporo Snow Festival, China has the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Considered as the world’s biggest snow and ice festival, the annual winter celebration runs from the end of December until February. What sets it apart from other winter festivals is the sheer size of its ice sculptures and displays spanning over 600,000 square meters. As the scale of this exhibit continues to grow so does the number of visitors each year.

You can explore 3 areas during the festival. Sun Island Scenic Area with snow sculptures you can visit during the daytime. Zhaolin Park with thousands of ice sculptures shaped as animals and magical creatures. Perfect for the kids and the young at heart. Lastly, the main attraction of the whole festival, The Ice and Snow World filled with ice sculptures of intense scale featuring palace buildings, the Great Wall of China, and many more.


Saranac Lake Winter Carnival – New York

On the other side of the world, they have New York’s Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. What started as just a way to have some fun during the cold of winter, has since evolved into a 10-day festival that combines celebration, music and sports for a spectacular winter event. From concerts, parades and theatrical performances, to offbeat competitions like frying pan toss, ultimate frisbee, snowshoe races, inner tube races, and snowshoe softball, this 120-year-old festival does it all. It’s usually scheduled every year from January 31 to February 9.


Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival – Alaska

The Fur Rendezvous winter festival also known as “Fur Rondy” or simply “Rondy” is a significant part of the Anchorage’s culture. Fur Rondy is Alaska’s premier winter festival dating back from 1935. Proudly representing the spirit of Alaskans, it offers wild and wacky fun for everyone to enjoy. The 10-day celebration held in late February includes quirky events like running of the reindeers, snow sculpture contest, snowshoe softball, costumed fun runs, sled dog racing and the list of wacky activities goes on and on.


Québec Winter Carnival – Canada

Also regarded as one of the world’s most popular and wildest winter events, Québec Winter Carnival starts during the last week of January and continues on for 9 fun-filled days ending in mid-February. The festival’s includes a winter amusement park, with attractions such as; Skiing, snow rafting, ice sculptures, snow sled slides and outdoor shows. If you want a more unique experience, go for the ice-cold snow baths or check out their graffiti displays. The carnival also holds competitions like axe throwing, curling, and canoe races. 

Additional Tip: While on your winter carnival escapade, be sure to give the region’s signature drink, Caribou, a try. It’s a hefty blend of red wine and booze, served hot to keep you warm through out the festival. 

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