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Jun 212018

Winner of Hong Kong Smart City Awards 2018 in Smart Economy

Wesurance is honoured to receive the ‘Outstanding Insurance Technology in Development and Application Platform’ award in the Smart City Summit cum Awards 2018 by etnet. Wesurance’s insurance platform utilises artificial intelligence to exceed the performance of traditional insurance by using full digital channels around both claims handling and customer support.
The award recognises Wesurance’s contribution and efforts in the area of developing a ‘smart economy’ for Hong Kong. We will continue to leverage these innovative and smart technologies to scale ever higher heights and contribute to making Hong Kong a smarter city in the future.
智慧城市發展可改善日常生活,令香港成為更宜居的城市。因此是次大獎就「智慧生活」、「智慧環境」和「智慧經濟」等6個範疇,選出對所屬行業有特定貢獻的公司。Wesurance 積極運用人工智能,讓用户只需透過智能手機便可完成投保及索償程序,以科技推進保險業的發展。
Wesurance 未來會繼續努力,運用科技重新定義大眾的保險體驗,讓香港發展成智慧城市邁進一步!


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