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The official launch of Wesurance App 2.0 and the subsequent press briefing was held successfully on 27th June in Wanchai The Hub!
The new Wesurance app provides a series of unique features, including those that allow users to extend the covered period in seconds, contact SOS Hotline via the IP network, authorise young people under 18 to purchase insurance policies and activate and end their insurance policies with GPS geo-aware technology.
Wesurance is also launching eight new insurance plans to meet the different needs of customers, including the local industry’s first personal accident insurance plan for water sports and hiking, a “relaxed plan” (suitable for leisure travellers with affordable pricing), “sweet plan” (two-person to share the cost of the premium), “self-driving plan” (doubling the compensation protection for accident involving self-driving).
You can check out this report on us for more details.
Wesurance App 2.0 已經正式推出,發佈會亦已在六月二十七日於灣仔The Hub順利舉行!
Wesurance App 2.0 為大家帶來多項革新功能,包括容許用户隨時在app內更改保單有效期、內置外遊求助熱線、授權未成年人士購買保險,並透過全球定位系統啟動及結束保單等,務求讓大眾可以有更好的保險購買管理體驗!
我們亦同時推出八項嶄新產品,為客户提供更多選擇,包括全港獨有專為水上活動及遠足而設的個人意外保險;亦針對客戶的不同需要,推出不同的的旅遊保險計劃,如HEA住遊 (適合優閒旅遊、價錢相宜) 、蜜蜜遊(二人計劃可分享保額)、自駕遊(特別加大租車自負額)等等。
Smart Insurance為大眾帶來更方便,更好的保險體驗,用最相宜的價錢就能得到最全面的保障!
還未下載Wesurance App 2.0?馬上下載,享受最便利的保險服務!
13th Jul 2018
Wesurance is honoured to receive the ‘Outstanding Insurance Technology in Development and Application Platform’ award in the Smart City Summit cum Awards 2018 by etnet. Wesurance’s insurance platform utilises artificial intelligence to exceed the performance of traditional insurance by using full digital channels around both claims handling and customer support.
The award recognises Wesurance’s contribution and efforts in the area of developing a ‘smart economy’ for Hong Kong. We will continue to leverage these innovative and smart technologies to scale ever higher heights and contribute to making Hong Kong a smarter city in the future.
智慧城市發展可改善日常生活,令香港成為更宜居的城市。因此是次大獎就「智慧生活」、「智慧環境」和「智慧經濟」等6個範疇,選出對所屬行業有特定貢獻的公司。Wesurance 積極運用人工智能,讓用户只需透過智能手機便可完成投保及索償程序,以科技推進保險業的發展。
Wesurance 未來會繼續努力,運用科技重新定義大眾的保險體驗,讓香港發展成智慧城市邁進一步!
21st Jun 2018
Our Founder and CEO Eddie Chang is taking his tech expertise into a whole new domain ( SCMP cpjobs.com published on 31st March 2018 ).
21st Jun 2018
The latest Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum took place in HK Cyberport on February 1, 2018. This time, the gathering of ambitious entrepreneurs focused on Artificial Intelligence and the business transformation related to this new technology.
Policy makers, such as the Hon. Nicholas W Yang, Secretary of Innovation and Technology, met high-profile speakers from well-established companies and Cyberport entrepreneurs. AI is changing traditional industries and innovative computer firms alike. This powerful technology will disrupt business models and skyrocket innovative solutions in the near future.
As part of the digital age, AI together with other technologies will lead to the biggest change in economy and society since the industrial revolution. The speakers talked about AI technology, the future opportunities and the change related to that.
At the same day, Cyberport SmartSpace Smart Tryouts gave Wesurance a stage to present the App and promote the products. Especially Wesurance’s personal assistant ms.AMY impressed with her AI-chatbot for claim applications. A lot of participants showed interest and downloaded our app.Thanks for passing by and see you next time.
21st Jun 2018
It’s the day! Wesurence Ltd, a Hong Kong-based InsurTech StartUp, just presented their app solution for insurance purchase and claim application. Finally, Hong Kongers can buy coverage and claim insurance in a more innovative way. Together with the insurance company Allied World Assurance Company Ltd. and IT-provider TransUnion, Wesurance creates an unique customer experience by transferring insurance to your mobile phone. Paperless, hassle-free and innovative by using an artificial intelligence (AI) based personal assistant and eKYC technology.
Wesurance CEO Eddie Chang, Lawrence Chong from TransUnion and Jota Shohtoku from Allied World Assurance gave their insight on the future of InsurTech during the opening remarks. Can you also spot our colleague who dressed as flight attendant at the launching event?
By using our app, consumers will have greater control over their purchase of travel insurance policies and making claims. Travel insurance can be purchased within a minute by answering a few questions. Wherever you are and whenever you want. Our app is the first mobile solution in integrating the ‘AI’ technology which will be able to provide help and support to consumers from filing their claims to answering their queries. This will all be done by our digital travel assistance ‘ms. AMY’.
Not only that, this platform has also implemented eKYC and the user identity verification functions to minimize the hassle for consumers in having to input their personal details.
Wesurance is available for download on both, the Google Play store and the iOS App store. As for any future plans? Our plan is not to limit our app within Hong Kong but for it to be borderless, without limits, launching outside of our Home country, so that more people around the world can share this hassle-free and customer friendly experience.
21st Jun 2018
2018 is upon us and if you are tracking the up-and-coming young companies in Hong Kong, FinTech News(fintechnews.hk) has compiled a list to predict which 8 startups will take the Hong Kong tech industry by storm to be the future Unicorns this year. Including not only InsurTech, there are companies from the payment, loan, investment and financial sectors, this year is sure to be a blooming one for the Hong Kong tech world. Stay in tune with us as we are going to explore the game-changing InsurTech future together.
8 future Fintech Unicorn Startups in Hong Kong to Watch in 2018
21st Jun 2018
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