20 January 2021

Travel Horror Stories That Will Shock You

We scoured the Reddits to find the most shocking, hilarious, or scary #TravelHorrorStories just in time for Halloween. Here’s what we found:

1. You Think I’m a Toilet Attendant?? By TheAngryGoat

In Turkey, a lot of the public toilets have attendants outside that you have to pay money to use. We were out one day and my dad wanted to use the toilet, so my dad handed the money to the woman outside, and went to go in.

Except, this woman wasn’t a toilet attendant. As the realisation of what my dad thought she was spread over her face, she started screaming “You think I am toilet attendant? YOU THINK I AM A TOILET ATTENDANT??? RAAARRGHH!!!” in broken half-German half-English and started chasing him down the road waving her handbag at him.

Meanwhile the rest of us are just about dying from laughter and a very confused German man comes out of the toilets wondering where his wife has gone.


2. Encounter with the Flies by CurryThigh

NOT for the squeamish!

My family took a trip to Sudan and my brother came back with a sever rash all over his back. The rash persisted for a few weeks, and the doctors had no idea what it was. Then, we were at the park one day and he started complaining about the rash to our mom, saying it’s starting to hurt more. She ignored it, thinking he must have rubbed it on something by accident. He fell to the floor screaming with pain, and literally hundred and hundreds of flies came flying out of a single hole at the base of his neck.

Apparently some sort of African fly had laid eggs (or more likely cocoons or something) in his back when we slept. They hatched when we were back in England.


3. Got Stuck in an Elevator by Xeeroy

I was 11 years old when we went to Slovakia. One evening when we got back to the hotel, I wanted to see if the hotel had any sort of cool features like an arcade room or anything else.  I went into an elevator and pressed for the lobby but absolutely nothing happened. I figured it might be broken so I just pressed to open the doors but, again, nothing happened. Afraid of getting stuck inside the elevator, I knocked a couple of times on the door which in hindsight was a bad idea because the elevator started falling down. Not in a free fall luckily but definitely faster than an elevator is supposed to go down.

A few seconds later it hit the ground, the door opened and let me into a small completely dark room only lit up by the lights from inside the elevator. The only thing I could make the elevator do now was open and close the door so I sat in there waiting for someone to rescue me.


4. Crazy Boat Ride by ErrantWhimsy

When I was roughly ten, we were riding The Ducks (Boston), a type of vehicle that is also a boat. The boat  passed a dam, and not 10 seconds after the boat left the dam behind, a speed boat came flying over the top of the dam and landed upside down on the concrete below. They quickly brought us back to the tour station and we saw EMTs carrying bodybags out of the ambulance. Later, we found out on the news that the driver of the boat was a very drunk young woman.


5. The Evil Cabbie by RainyDay

A group of my friends were in Taichung, Taiwan. They hopped in a taxi and gave the driver the destination. He goes the right way for a while, then abruptly pulls off into a side road. After a while, my friend asks him in Mandarin where he’s going, since they’ve been to this place before and they know wherever they’re going now is not what they asked for. The driver says nothing, gets on the phone and speaks to someone on the other end in Taiwanese.

The car then pulls into an open field, surrounded by trees in every direction with only a single house in the middle. He parks right outside, and it appears people were emerging from the building.  Thankfully, the one sitting in front was smart & prepared. He pulled out his knife and held it right above his knee. Making sure it was in plain view of the driver. Once the cabbie saw this, he started the car up again and left the area.

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