31 October 2019

How To Avoid Getting Sick When Travelling

From buying plane tickets, booking hotels, processing documents and other things, travelling abroad means tons of work. Despite being caught up in all the preparations, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Here’s a few things to consider to avoid getting sick when travelling

30 October 2019

WeTravel Self-Driving

Hit the road overseas knowing you are protected.

22 October 2019

Bakit Mas Mainam Para sa Mga Domestic Helpers na Magbukas ng Bank Account?

Marami sa mga baguhang domestic helper sa Hong Kong ang hindi pa nakakapagbukas ng sariling bank account, kaya ang sweldo, madalas, ay cash lang na inaabot ng amo. Pero kung iisipin natin ng mabuti, mas marami talaga ang benepisyo para sa mga domestic helper, kung magbubukas kayo ng sariling bank account.

16 October 2019

What Should Be in Your First Aid Kit at Home

None of us are safe from accidents and injuries, not even in our own homes. It’s always better to stock up on your first aid essentials so you’re ready to provide initial care. Know what you should include in your first aid kit.

15 October 2019

Tips Agar Tidak Sakit Saat Traveling ke Luar Negeri!

Kesehatan tubuh di saat Traveling keluar negeri sangat penting. Berikut tips agar tidak sakit saat traveling ke luar negeri!

18 September 2019

Is Personal Accident Insurance Important And Why?

The answer to that is simply ‘yes’. Why? Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen anywhere. You can get hit by a car, trip down the stairs and break your back, anything can happen. What’s worse is seeing your family struggle to survive the aftermath. So what’s the best solution? Get a personal accident plan and find your peace of mind.

20 September 2019

How To Save Money When Travelling?

Travelling is one of the best ways to unwind but it’s can also be the quickest way to spend your hard-earned money. Remember these tips and tricks to help you manage your expenses when travelling.

02 August 2019

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Want to travel solo but the horror stories you’ve heard got you thinking— is it safe to travel alone when you’re a girl? If you’re worried about this, we’ve have just the list to help you be well prepared to keep yourself safe on your trip.