22 October 2019

Why It’s Better to Have Your Domestic Helper Open a Bank Account?

In Hong Kong, it’s not a requirement for employers to pay their helpers using a secure bank account. However, setting up your domestic helper’s personal bank account can save you a ton of time and your helper’s money. Keep track of salary transactions Salary-related disputes can be quite complicated to handle. It’s better to be…

22 October 2019

Bakit Mas Mainam Para sa Mga Domestic Helpers na Magbukas ng Bank Account?

Marami sa mga baguhang domestic helper sa Hong Kong ang hindi pa nakakapagbukas ng sariling bank account, kaya ang sweldo, madalas, ay cash lang na inaabot ng amo. Pero kung iisipin natin ng mabuti, mas marami talaga ang benepisyo para sa mga domestic helper, kung magbubukas kayo ng sariling bank account.

18 September 2019

Is Personal Accident Insurance Important And Why?

The answer to that is simply ‘yes’. Why? Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen anywhere. You can get hit by a car, trip down the stairs and break your back, anything can happen. What’s worse is seeing your family struggle to survive the aftermath. So what’s the best solution? Get a personal accident plan and find your peace of mind.

28 August 2019

Tips and Tricks to Make Cleaning Easier

As domestic helpers, part of the job is to keep the house squeaky clean. But it’s not that easy. There’s so many different kinds of surfaces  and they all attract different types of germs. How many precious hours have you lost from trying to clean tricky surfaces? A lot right? Well, here’s a list of tips and tricks that’ll make your cleaning job a whole lot easier.

28 August 2019

Food Allowance vs. Free Food for Domestic Helpers: How to Decide?

By law, employers of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are responsible for their workers’ welfare and must guarantee their well-being at all times during their employment i.e. they must ensure that they eat and sleep well and enough, and have access to adequate medical care when necessary. Those are key aspects if they are to perform well especially as they tend to work long hours.

28 August 2019

Safety Tips in the Workplace

To avoid any risks, be aware of the potential hazards in your workplace first. Once you’ve learned to be cautious of these accident-prone areas, you will be able to keep clear of them.

27 August 2019

Fun Activities Domestic Workers Can Do During Their Day Off

Everybody needs a break, even domestic workers. After a long week’s worth of hard work, it’s nice to spend some much needed R&R (rest & relaxation) that’s good for your body, mind, and soul.  If you’re a domestic worker and you’re looking for something enjoyable to do during your days off, this is the perfect list for you.

27 August 2019

Paano Makakapag-ipon Habang Nagtratrabaho sa Hong Kong?

Isa na ang Hong Kong sa mga pinakamahal na siyudad sa buong mundo. Kilala bilang ’Shopping Capital in Asia’, hindi talaga mapipigilang mabighani sa mga binebentang electronics, jewelries, damit, at iba pa. Bilang Domestic Worker, paano natin maiiwasan ang excess spending upang makapag-ipon?

30 July 2019

6 Risky Tasks Many Hong Kong Domestic Helpers Perform

Although cleaning external glass windows from precarious position at high-rise residential buildings is certainly a hazardous task some domestic helpers are forced to perform, it is not the only one.