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Jun 242019

Smart traveller is always prepared in advance

A tourist got saved by an insurance company out of emergency

Rachel, 25 year-old Hongkonger, went on a travel. Her trip was from London to Singapore and was supposed to spend 2 days in Dubai. When she departed from London airport, she had one hand carry backpack and one registered luggage. After landing Dubai, she found out that the luggage that she registered in London airport hasn’t arrived. With no clothes to change, no toiletries to use, she had to stay one day in the dessert-like hot weather of Dubai until her luggage comes on the second day in Dubai.

Fortunately, Rachel did prepare for every possible incident. She had purchased travel insurance before the trip. With the reimbursement from the insurance company, she could buy clothes to change and toiletries to clean. The insurance will just pay for her. She could refresh herself with no worries.

People always worry about uncertain and unexpected situations in their lives. What if such incidents happens during a trip in other countries? Language barrier and physical distance from your home country will make you panicked out.

If you face any unexpected incidents, what will you do? Will you think of this matter before you take the first step of travel and be prepared? Being a smart traveller is not difficult at all. Always be prepared and plan one step ahead. Buying insurance doesn’t mean throwing out money for nothing. It is investment for better, safer, and smarter future.



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