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Jul 052019

My Baby Got Sick With High Fever in Osaka

We went on a family trip to Osaka for the holidays. During the second day, my baby unexpectedly gets a high fever. A day after, the fever still wasn’t going down even after taking paracetamol so we rushed him to the hospital. BUT! The hospital rejected us since my baby was not a local and they insisted that they didn’t have a paediatrics branch.  They instead referred us to a small clinic.

The next day, my baby’s fever got even worse. It reached 40 degrees and his whole body was shivering. I didn’t know what to to do. Finally, I asked someone for help and begged them to call an ambulance for us. I was so terrified that we will get rejected once again and that no one will treat my baby.After the ambulance came, they checked my baby and asked for some ID. We found out that the ambulance wasn’t owned by any hospital so they still had to find a hospital that will be willing to admit my non-local son. Thankfully, they found one that agreed to take us in.

This was the most horrifying trip of my life. We’re still lucky that it was only a fever. Could you imagine what would’ve happened if a more dangerous illness infected my son? He might not have made it.

After this incident, I realized how important travel insurances are. We never know what will happen when we visit another country. It’s better to always be prepared, especially in an unfamiliar place.

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