20 January 2021

Countries With Unusual Rules You Should Follow

In every country, there are cultural expectations and unique rules you are expected to heed. Some of them might seem unusual for tourists but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to follow them. Here’s a look at some of the rules you should keep in mind while you travel.

Caught a bad cold when going to Japan? Leave your inhalers at home!

Japan is famous for being an extremely neat and organised country. Every single citizen obeys the rules, and they expect travellers to do the same. What’s their unusual rule? Well, If you happen to  have plans to take a trip to Japan and also have a bad case of the cold, then you might want to reschedule. All drugs containing pseudoephedrine are prohibited from entering Japan, and that includes nasal inhalers.

Be conscious of eating in public in Italy

There are regulations in Italy that prohibit tourists and anyone from eating in public places. Going against this rule will most likely get you fined. So the next time you decide to take a walk while eating or sit on a public bench as you chow down, think again! This rule is implemented in many areas in Italy including Florence & Rome.

Avoid sunbathing naked in Fiji

The beach is amongst the top vacation places in the world and sunbathing is not uncommon. However, if you’re going to Fiji, it’s best to keep your swim wear on as you do so. Unlike other more lax beaches, Fiji does not allow sunbathing naked on the beach. You may find yourself locked up in a dark jail cell instead of enjoying the sunshine if you go against this rule.

Don’t randomly take photos in Kazakhstan

You can’t go on vacation without taking photos. How else would you share it to the online world? But! if you’re vacationing in Kazakhstan, be mindful of where and when you’re taking those photos. There are many areas in this country where photography is prohibited including airports, military areas and government buildings.  It’s considered as an illegal act and will immediately get you fined.

Don’t wear high heels in Greece

Travelling can also be a huge opportunity to flaunt your style and to dress up in your OOTD (outfit of the day). But maybe hold off on the high heels while you’re in Greece.  

The Greek government prohibits anyone from wearing high heels in historic and ancient locations from fear of damage to the cultural heritage. 

Additional trivia: Food and drinks are also banned in these areas after an incident where 30kg of gum was found under the bench of a theater built in 161 BC.

Never step on money in Thailand

Thailand is still a monarchy, therefore the kings and members of the royal family is highly respected. Which means, all forms of action that tarnish the image or insult the royal members can be prosecuted. Since the Baht has the image of the royal family, stepping on them is considered a crime. So if you ever drop some of your cash in Thailand, be careful not to step on them. 

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