Taking Insurance
to the Next Level

World’s first insurance mobile app for purchasing, managing and claiming. Offering travel insurance, personal accident insurance, study insurance and helper insurance, we make it simple to get the protection you need, both for home and abroad.


In-App emergency call

When you run into troubles or require immediate assistance, we’ve got you covered.
Emergency medical & dental treatment while abroad.
Access to an extensive network of medical centres across the globe.

In - App rescheduling

Want to reschedule your travel period during your trip? We've got you covered.

You can now easily manage your insurance policy directly from the app with few clicks!
Change your trip's start date 24 hours in advance; or you can extend your covered period 24 hours before the return date.
No additional charges required!

Personalised products

13 personalised insurance plans to choose from. Covering all amateur sports and activities.

Only pay for what you really need.

Get covered in seconds

Purchasing insurance can never be easier and faster.

Without all the unnecessary paperwork, you can now experience a flow that allow you to purchase policy in seconds.

Powerful assistant

Your own personal assistant, always ready to help.

Find answers and get things done with the help of our in-app assistant.
We will help and guide you every step of the way to make sure nothing goes wrong.

More features coming soon

On The Go
Receive geo-aware reminders to activate or deactivate your policy upon arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport.
Teenager Purchases
The only place in Hong Kong where young people age from 13-16 can independently purchase insurance and manage their policy.

Less, for More

Fully-digital channels reduce our overhead costs. This allows us to have money leftover to give more protection back to our customers.
A fixed daily fee, only from HKD15, will get you extensive coverage at bargain prices. No surcharge, no overpay, no problems.
of Hong Kong Smart City Awards 2018 in Economy

The Idea Behind

From day one, Wesurance has always been about three core ideas.
My insurance, my choice
Solving pain points even before you realise them.
Protecting your loved ones, one policy at a time.
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